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Program Secretariat

 Dr. Rui Qiao

Abstract & Registration Support
 Mr. Zhongxu Nong
 E-mail: nongzhongxu@medmeeting.org

Please find the details of each type of acceptance below:

Oral Presentation

1. Speakers are kindly requested to use MS PowerPoint in English for their presentations.

2. Please submit PowerPoint file to the Congress’s Speaker Ready Room at least SIX HOURS before the scheduled presentation time in order to allow verification and transfer to the allocated meeting rooms.

3. Each presentation should be 6 minutes or less (this time limit will be strictly enforced) followed by 2 minutes of question and answer.

4. Please read the following instructions first before building the PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint Instructions

- Please use the Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or 2010* (*.ppt) or (*pptx), to guarantee it can be opened successfully on an on-site PC.

- Movies: Please take steps to compress your videos (Less than 500Megabytes ). Uncompressed videos will take longer to upload. We can only accept movies created as WMVs or AVI formats. If you cannot convert the files or have a considerable number of MOV files, please check with a technician in the Speaker Ready Room who can make arrangements to convert the videos for you.

Considerations for Keynote Software Users

- Please export your presentation as a PowerPoint ( *.ppt or *.pptx ) since keynote is not compatible with the conference’s presentation management system. If you are having any issues, please notify our on-site support for additional help.

Poster Presentation

Size: 120cm (height) * 90cm (width)
Language: English ONLY

Please print the poster by yourself and bring it to the Conference, and place your posters at the designated space.

Please inform the WASPaLM2019 secretariat (Email: nongzhongxu@medmeeting.org ) before 20th, June , if you can NOT place your posters onsite.

Published Only
Abstracts will be included in the Abstracts Proceedings only.